Tips 1 - 8 For Student Athletes Entering College

1.    College is a huge adjustment. Everything will be new, but give it some time and you will start to feel more at home.  It is okay to miss the comfort of home and your high school days.

2.    Everything in college happens faster when compared to high school.  The pace of instruction in your classes will be faster and your sport will be faster.

3.    College coaches sometimes yell at their athletes.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  Focus on the instruction, not the volume at which it is given.  

4.    Identify and embrace your role on the team for the coming season.  Your role during this first year is likely to be different than what it was on your high school team.  

5.    Be early; on time is considered late by many coaches.  Try to stay late, even if only for a few minutes, unless you have to get to class or a lab.  Coaches notice everything.

6.    Be conscientious about your academics.  Whether you agree, virtually every coach sees a direct relationship between what you do in the classroom and what you will do in your sport.

7.    Do your best to get along with your teammates; you will spend an incredible amount of time (practice, games, meals, travel, study hall, similar class schedule, social time) with them.

8.    College consists of primarily 3 major areas: Academics, Athletics, Social.  Most people can only have an excellent experience in 2 of the 3.

--- Dr. Noles is a sports psychologist and has been working with serious athletes, from high school through the professional ranks, for over 20 years.  He is a member of the Association for Applied Sports Psychology and the National Association for Sports Psychologists.  

Steven W. Noles, Psy.D.

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